Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Missing in Action!

Sorry for not posting - Tara asked me last week - "Mom, how come you haven't put any posts online lately?" It made me realize that there are actually some people reading this - ha, imagine that! Anyways, I was sick AGAIN last week - I had a bad case of "the crud" and was home in bed for the better part of the week. I did manage to get out once a day to have lunch with Tara since she was home on Spring Break. Daryl and Blake (Tucker too) were off to the lake so I had alot of quiet time and it was really good for me to just sleep. I'm now back to work and busy, busy! Today is Tara's doctor appt - she is now 16 weeks and we have had a great time trying to surf the net and see if anyone can predict the sex of her baby. One thing is sure, this little bugger is determined that we won't know anytime soon. All the ultrasounds were not viable for determining the sex. We even had some little ole man in Alabama (Tara calls him Cledus T Judd) track her stats and he says girl - he's been doing this scientific theory for a long time now and when we find out the sex we will email him and let him know if he was right. By the way, his name is Reedus Wheat - not Cledus T Judd! We have also had fun playing around on the website In-Gender.com You can post your Ultrasound pics there and CharlieCat (a seasoned ultrasound technologist with a pretty good success rate) will determine the sex (Tara has nicknamed her PussyCat, KittyCat, etc..) So far all her ultrasounds don't show enough - sigh - maybe we will find out in 4 weeks! I'll update tomorrow on her dr visit.

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Misty said...

just found your blog....congrats on being a grandma soon!! Any names picked out for you? :)